Guest economist to Caijing and a board member of Rosetta Stone Advisors Limited. Andy Xie was Morgan Stanley's Chief Economist for Asia Pacific from 1997 to 2006.
Andy earned both a Ph.D in Economics (1990) and a M.S. in civil engineering (1987) from M.I.T.
Why China and Japan Need an East Asia Bloc   2009-11-10

Withering exports and asset bubbles have forced Asians – especially China and Japan -- to work harder at free trade pacts.

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"Subprime Watch" is a new column by Robert Dowling. He is a visiting professor at Tsinghua University, editorial advisor to Caijing and former managing editor of BusinessWeek international. Dowling pulls back the curtain of the financial crisis in the U.S. for both Chinese and English readers. He is currently based in New York.
Scratching Heads over Wall Street 'Reform'   2009-06-24

Americans and space aliens alike are understandably puzzled by the Obama administration's stab at financial regulation reform.

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Professor of Economics at U.C. Berkeley, and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. From 1993 to 1995, Bradford DeLong worked for the U.S. Treasury as a deputy assistant secretary for economic policy.
J. Bradford DeLong:America's Political Recession   2012-12-03

It seems to me that the odds are around 60% that real negotiation will not begin until tax rates go up on January 1.

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Guest economist of Caijing and former Chairman of Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.
Tell the Emperor What He Wants to Hear   2009-10-30

Smooth talk and convoluted solutions magically appear when a monkey in an allegorical kingdom runs a failing banana bank.

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Professor of economics at The University of Chicago and a Nobel laureate. Born in 1930, Becker earned a B.A. at Princeton University in 1951 and a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in 1955.
The Sky Has Fallen, So What Comes Next?   2009-08-24

It was silly months ago to compare the global downturn to the 1930s depression. The recession has already turned the corner.

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Jonathan Anderson is Head of Asia-Pacific Economics for UBS. Prior to this, he worked at Goldman Sachs. He also spent eight years at the International Monetary Fund — including three years as Resident Representative in China and three years as Resident Representative in Russia.
Leaving Old, Toothless Tigers in the Dust   2009-11-10

Emerging markets are still the economies to watch now that the Asian Tigers have joined the boring, developed nations club.

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Hong Kong-based chief China economist at JP Morgan Chase. Frank Gong is also the managing director and head of China Research Division at JPMorgan Chase.
Macro Policy Support for Growth   2008-10-31

Weakening end demand is the root problem. It calls for more aggressive fiscal policy to rouse the domestic market.

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·China's Response to Global Turmoil
·Key Risks of China

A Wrongheaded, Sheltered Start for ChiNext
The lesson from the ChiNext launch is as old as China's stock market: Too much regulatory protection leads to speculation.
Zhejiang and Decoupling
Whose side of the coupling debate is winning now that Zhejiang Province has detailed its foreign investment boom?
  • Enhancing China-Latin America Economic Relations
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