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Pension Fund Inches into the Capital Market amid Heated Debate

In light of the current preliminary scheme put forward by potential investors, the biggest obstacle confronting the pension fund’s injection into the capital market is that the fund is currently scattered in numerous accounts and held by over 2,000 organizations.

Integrating the capital into one account and bringing it under the management of a single national investment agency will prove difficult.

One industry insider stated that even if the government accomplishes the task through wielding its administrative power, trouble may still loom over the distribution of the unified account’s proceeds in the future, because the balances in individual pension accounts differ by region.

Issue 310
By staff reporters Wang Peicheng and Wang Xiaolu
The interest barriers between various ministries and commissions can be resolved once there is a consensus between authorities.
By staff reporter He Tao
The boundary between government and commercial space launch activities has become increasingly blurred, leading to increased calls for social capital to share aerospace risk responsibility.
By staff reporter Jiao Jian
The contribution rate of science and technology to agricultural output growth is only 50 percent in China, compared to 80 percent in the United States.
By Michael Spence
Developing countries have learned over time that real income growth and employment expansion are driven by productivity gains, not exchange-rate movements.

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