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China at Another Critical Reform Juncture

China has made immense progress during its 30 years of reform and opening-up, particularly in the past two decades since Deng Xiaoping's landmark speeches on his famous tour in southern China. But the nation is also confronted with a number of severe problems.

Standing at a new historical starting point, we need to revisit the courageous choices made at that time, face current pressing challenges head-on, and strive to deepen the process of reform.

Issue 311
By staff reporter Jin Yan
China and other emerging economies have been forced to passively bear the risk of uncertainties amid grim economic conditions in Europe.
By staff reporters Dong Yuxiao and Diao Xiaoqiong
Unlike previous years, the central bank has yet to reveal the M2 growth rate it has set for 2012, indicating regulators may adjust monetary policy as they confront a constantly changing economic situation.
By staff reporters Zuo Lin and Gao Shengke
Many coal chemical projects in China have incurred losses due to economic and environmental pressure; still, investors flock to these projects to gain access to low-priced coal.
By staff reporter Li Yan Contributing authors Jiang Wenzheng, He Jiajin
Industry experts think the new spot trading platform could lead to the collapse of the Platts pricing system.
By Michael Spence
Stability, equity, and sustainability challenges have become crucially important, and the role of the state in relation to markets may need re-thinking as a result.

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