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Hospital Reform Faces an Uphill Battle

China’s healthcare reform program, which launched in the spring of 2009, is nearing the end of its first stage. Han Qide, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, said that “universal coverage” is the greatest achievement of the latest round of healthcare reform.

The Implementation Plan for the Recent Priorities of Healthcare System Reform (2009-2011), a plan which was introduced at the same time as the new medical reform program, calls for the “separation of hospital management from operations” with corporate governance reform of public hospitals as its primary focus.

Issue 316
By staff reporters Ming Shuliang, and Zhang Youyi
Sources close to Lu contended that only Lu and a few others were privy to the twists and turns of dealing with complex market interests and various influential officials.
By staff reporters Diao Xiaoqiong and Dong Yuxiao
Feeble growth in bank deposits and a loan-to-deposit ratio cap of 75 percent restricted banks' lending capacity.
By staff reporter Li Xiangning
The domestic prosecuting authority expects the inquiry platform to work as a tool to prevent corruption, duty crime, and bribery in business transactions. However, some doubt the efficacy of the database.
By staff reporter Xu Jing
The adenovirus type 55 that caused a local epidemic in Baoding, Hebei Province was never a serious danger.

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