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Wenzhou Appointed Pilot Region for Financial Reform

Many argue the pilot program was implemented as a result of the private lending crisis that erupted in Wenzhou six months ago and caught nationwide attention. (See Credit Crunch in Wenzhou, the cover story of the 2011 24th issue of Caijing, and Saving Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises, the cover story of the 2011 25th issue.)

Ba Shusong, deputy director of the Financial Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council, and chief economist of the China Banking Association, stated that there are two ways to avert financial risks: one is to remedy the situation after-the-fact; the other is to reform. “The [private lending] crisis in Wenzhou made it easier for people to reach a consensus on the need to reform.”

Issue 319
By staff reporter Sun Tao and intern reporter Tian Peng
To ease doctor-patient tension, it is essential to break up the monopoly enjoyed by government-run hospitals by introducing private capital and reforming the operating and payment mechanisms.
By staff reporters Cai Tingyi and Wang Yang
“I think there is a wonderful symmetry between what the biggest challenge is and what's the mission of the World Bank is.”
By Zhu Yue, Shi Zhiliang and intern He Jiajin
Due to the lack of necessary legislation, frequent communication gaps have occurred between the public and the nuclear power industry, resulting in the current situation of widespread public distrust.
By Wang Yanchun and Hu Weijia
Japan's post-earthquake reconstruction could offer an important opportunity to solve its economic woes and shake off more than a decade of stagnant growth, but this will require at least another decade.

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