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Further Promoting Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Reforms

This is an exclusive interview with central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan

Caijing: Should China further promote market-oriented reform of interest rates?

Zhou: The marketization of interest rates is a process that can be advanced further. China could start with reforming the lending rate, while the reform of the deposit rate could be advanced through approaches including promoting the development of alternative debt products and expanding the floating range of interest rates.

Issue 320
By staff reporters He Tao, Cai Tingyi and Lin Jing
Rocket debris from North Korea's recent failed satellite launch could provide vital clues to the cause of the rocket's malfunction, its technology level, as well as its long-range missile technology capabilities.
By staff intern reporter You Xi
China’s central bank may boost liquidity through various means such as increasing reverse repurchase agreements, lowering the deposit reserve ratio, and releasing liquidity as central bank bills reach maturity.
By staff reporters Xu Kai, Ding Buzhi and Tan Yifei
With its quarterly bank loan interest surpassing 100 mln yuan and the monthly interest rate on private loans up to 4.5 percent, Shide Group is buckling under the immense pressure of nearly 12 bln yuan of debt.
By staff reporters Yang Zhongxu and Wang Biqiang
Heated debate has arisen recently as to whether the economy has "bottomed out" and whether it is time to launch a new stimulus program.

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