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Private Capital Largely Limited in Railway Industry

By staff reporters Zhang Lu, Weng Shiyou, Chen Yan and intern reporter Song Wei 

China’s railway system is currently facing a huge dislocation of capital: central government investment has dropped, while railway infrastructure projects are in urgent need of a capital injection.

According to the main indicators released by the Ministry of Railways (MOR) in Feb. 2012, capital investment in China's railway industry totaled 20.796 billion yuan in 2011, a decrease of 67.5 percent over the same period last year.

Behind this is a shortage of construction funds. MOR data show that as of Sept. 30, 2011, the railways ministry had 3.74 trillion yuan in total assets, 2.23 trillion yuan in liabilities, and a debt ratio as high as 59.6 percent.

Issue 321
By staff reporters Li Xiangning and Li Wei’ao
It remains to be determined whether mainland babies born in Hong Kong will be able to obtain Hong Kong permanent resident status in the future.
By staff reporter Wang Xiaolu
To address the root cause of over-pricing of new shares, which is supply-demand disparity in the primary market, the CSRC needs to put an end to the substantive examination of IPO applicants.
By staff reporter Gao Shengke
The integrated model of bundling reconstruction funds with other poverty alleviation and construction project funds has become the common practice in many general disaster areas.
By staff reporters Hu Weijia and Wang Ningning
The adjustment of the global supply chain has changed enterprises’ production models and to a large extent led to a restructuring of the global manufacturing industry.

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