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Toxic Soil Threatens Urban Areas

Cases of acute poisoning caused by hazardous pollutants at construction sites have been exposed several times since 2004. However, untreated toxic soil has also been quietly threatening people's health and lives without the knowledge of residents or even the government in many cases. The extent of the harm these toxic substances do to the human body often takes years or even decades to become apparent. Reports of toxic soil have emerged in a number of cases, but little information has been disclosed, and the debate has been limited to internal discussions among experts and closed-door decision-making.

Facing this new pollution problem, Chinese law lacks both mandatory soil pollution assessment procedures prior to relocation as well as post-incident accountability mechanisms, which often results in authorities dealing with problems “case-by-case” as they arise.

Issue 323
By Wang Yanchun, Zheng Meng, Yang Zhongxu and You Xi
China’s current round of economic stimulus can ensure the economy is not overly “stalled” and guide it to accelerate its transformation.
By staff reporters Wang Xiaolu and Xu Ke
Due to the difficulty in identifying the crime of insider trading and collecting evidence, the number of insider trading cases that go to trial is much fewer than the actual number.
By staff reporters Shi Zhiliang, Zhu Yue, and intern reporter Li Yi
Weiqiao plants can privately sell electricity to end users at much lower rates because of increased costs incurred as a result of the national grid’s inefficiency ...
By staff reporters He Tao, Gao Shengke, and intern reporter Zhang Xin
All tea contains some pesticide residue; what’s important is that the residue does not exceed accepted limits.

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