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Acquisition of LME Poses Challenges to HKEx

HKEx’s bid for LME also raised concern among the British media. Nevertheless, Hong Kong's position as a former colony of the UK fosters a sense of familiarity between the two parties. The UK’s open financial environment will also facilitate approval of the HKEx-LME deal.

Still, the completion of the acquisition is just the beginning for HKEx, which lacks experience in trading commodities. Whether or not HKEx will ultimately fulfill its pledges will depend largely on the internationalization of the RMB in Hong Kong as well as the Chinese mainland’s willingness to open its market to LME. In addition, HKEx’s competition with major mainland futures exchanges will also affect the central government’s decision-making.

Issue 326
By staff reporter Qu Yanli
The new rules for the Big Four face two major hurdles: first, effectively transforming joint ventures into special general partnerships; and two, cultivating excellent local partners and selecting senior partners.
By staff reporters Ling Xin and Zhang Lu, and contributing writers Wu Jinyong and Zhang Wenli
The CFA is unable to conduct effective business development and promotion efforts as the operator of the league
By staff reporter Jiao Jian
Experts have proposed the establishment of a national water rights system and the introduction of a trading mechanism for water use rights to solve China’s water woes.
By staff reporters Li Xiangning and Zhang Youyi
Illegal employment is mainly concentrated in the fields of language education, performance, housekeeping services, and other labor-intensive industries.

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