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Energy Investment Guidelines Fail to Dent Oil Monopoly

On June 18, the National Energy Administration (NEA) released the Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding Further Expansion of Private Capital Investment in the Energy Sector, in response to Premier Wen Jiabao's call for the implementing rules of the "New 36 Clauses" encouraging private investment in various sectors to be introduced in the first half of the year. However, some have criticized the document for failing to address the topic of liberalizing import rights for crude oil, an issue of utmost importance to private enterprises.

In the coming months, detailed implementation rules for private investment in various sectors will be introduced. Still, industry insiders have stated that the rules only provide guidance based in principle rather than practical use.

Issue 327
By staff reporters Zuo Lin and Li Wei'ao
A problem which emerged in the aftermath of the project's suspension relates to the acquisition of the land of more than 2,000 villagers. It is still unknown where the displaced villagers will go, how they will be compensated, and...
By staff reporters Gao Shengke and Zhang Youyi
Serious information asymmetry between airlines and claimants often leads families of victims to think that whoever creates the biggest uproar and persists the longest gets the most compensation.
By staff reporter Yang Zhongxu
If China continues to rely on vast stimulus plans as an alternative for mid- to long-term economic reforms, it may miss out on the dividends linked to institutional reforms, say experts.
By staff reporters Li Xiangning, Li Wei'ao, and intern reporters Qin Xiya, Wu Mimi
It indicates that the fight against terrorist attacks is still arduous, and that Xinjiang has a long way to go in bridging the gaps between the Han and the ethnic minorities in the region.

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