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Storm Exposes Gaps in Beijing's Emergency Response Mechanisms

Communication and information relay at all levels was subpar, despite Beijing's four-level city, district, township, and village emergency response system.

The flood control office in Fangshan did not realize the seriousness of the disaster until well after the storm began. Precipitation in Fangshan had already reached 100 mm when Beijing's rainstorm warning level was still orange. The district altogether received a record 460 mm of rainfall. Alerted to the seriousness of the situation, local authorities raised the warning to the highest level of red and sent out a notification to the entire district.

Issue 328
By staff reporters Zuo Lin and Li Wei'ao
With 80 percent of the country's protected areas located in the west, acceleration of the western-bound industrial shift may bring about serious ecological consequences.
By staff reporter Yang Zhongxu
China's macro economy is stabilizing, and considering both the short and long term, large-scale economic stimulus is no longer necessary.
By staff reporter Tan Yifei
The joint case handling model adopted during Li's trial, which involved close cooperation between police, prosecutors, and courts, vastly overstepped legal boundaries.
By staff reporter Wang Xiaolu
CITICS will face major challenges in several key areas such as operating in unfamiliar regulatory regimes, navigating different legal environments, and coordinating internal resources.

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