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China Poised for Countermove in Diaoyu Islands Dispute

As the Diaoyu islands dispute escalated over the past few months, China has witnessed the outbreak of the biggest anti-Japanese demonstrations since 2010, which spread to various cities including Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Changchun.

Zhu Feng contends that the Diaoyu islands dispute does not yet risk completely overturning Sino-Japanese relations. The country should, on the basis of clearly determining its national and strategic interests, implement a "three-in-one" policy of crisis diplomacy, full military preparations, and joint efforts of the government and society.

"Turning 'defending the Diaoyu islands' into a long-term strategic task is more important than simply declaring zeal for battle over the issue," said Zhu Feng.

Issue 332
By staff reporter Xu Kai
A nationwide Internet-based kidney intermediary network which shares resources, works in coordination, and even offers kidney exchanges already exists in China.
By staff reporters Qu Yanli and You Xi
How the mandatory audit rotation will ensure or enhance audit quality for the banks, and how the balance of power among the Big Four in China will shift is expected to be seen within 1-2 years.
By Shu Taifeng and intern reporter Wang Yue
Administrative approval is a weathervane of economic and social vitality. The remaining 30 percent of approval items are in core areas, and subsequent reforms will be difficult to tackle.
By staff reporter Li Yan, Wang Zhen, and Song Wei
Enterprises in China's rare-earth industry have shifted from fighting for mineral resources to vying for the upper hand in deciding rules for the industry.

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