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PV Industry Future Hangs in the Balance

Both the market for PV products and raw materials are abroad - 70 percent of Chinese PV products are exported to the EU; meanwhile, large quantities of silicon raw materials are imported from Europe. At the same time, booming PV module manufacturing hasn't brought a rapid expansion of China's PV power generation projects, as local governments tend to focus more on manufacturing that can create jobs and generate tax revenue instead of environmental protection projects.

Moreover, the production capacity of the PV industry in China is twice that of global demand, which has given rise to ongoing price wars between enterprises. Weaker foreign demand and price wars fueled by excess capacity have driven domestic PV companies into financial distress.

"When winter arrives, enterprises will have a difficult time. There are problems with capital flow on an industry-wide basis, and it all depends on who can weather the storm," said Miao Liansheng, Chairman of the Board of Yingli Green Energy.

Issue 333
Compiled by Caijing's editorial team
Wang Lijun secretly recorded a conversation in which Bogu Kailai confessed to the poisoning of Neil Heywood soon after his death; but at the same time, Wang assigned police officers to cover up the truth.
By staff reporter Wang Kai
Shijiazhuang's method to work around the national system in "urban villages" transformation has in essence granted villagers land development rights.
By staff reporter Wang Xiaolu and Shanghai correspondent Qu Yanli
Regional equity markets and OTC markets for brokers, which can be seen as a pilot experiment for a new OTC market method, abide more by the market rules.
By staff reporter Hu Weijia
China needs to adapt to the transformation of traditional Sino-African trade patterns, and at the same time move quickly to occupy a favorable position in the new round of global investment in the continent.

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