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Internet Services to Reshape Banking in China

This new wave, which may bring about a new format in web-based financing as well as a vast market, has not only attracted widespread attention, but also sparked controversy and worries. Jiang Jiping, Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Informatization Research Center, said that the future integration of the Internet and banking will prompt the banking industry to change its traditional mode of operation, shifting from relying heavily on specific capital to learning to utilize networked social capital. This is the key to future bank restructuring.

However, continuous innovation in web-based financing has raised challenges for effective supervision.

Issue 335
By staff reporters Hu Weijia and Wang Yanchun
Trade industry experts propose allowing the market to play a role alongside the government, putting quality over quantity, and fostering advantages aside from traditional cost advantages.
By staff reporters Gao Shengke, He Tao, and Ling Xin
Frequent road and subway tunnel cave-in accidents have exposed deficiencies in risk assessment, inadequate construction management, lack of unified construction standards, and a shortage of qualified professionals.
By staff reporter Tan Yifei
Two bribery cases in Inner Mongolia are rare in that the bribes were made to non-local officials through collective decisions of local administrative agencies and the money came from government allocations.
By staff reporters You Xi, and Dong Yuxiao
Chinese investors exploring the U.S. market should be more prudent and learn how to deal with "American characteristics" in the face of the invisible wall of national security.

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