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U.S.-China: Partners with Inevitable Frictions

The contest between U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney will be settled on the Nov. 6 as Americans head to the polls to vote for their favored candidates.

During their campaign, the two candidates clashed repeatedly on who would take the strongest stance on China. "As America's election season nears its finish, the debate seems to have come unhinged. Nowhere is that more evident than in the fixation on China," wrote world-renowned economist Stephen Roach in an article "A New Low for China Bashing."

In an exclusive interview with Caijing, Jeffery Bader, senior director for East Asian affairs on the National Security Council under the Obama Administration from Jan. 2009 to April 2011, said the essence of the Obama administration's rebalancing policy in Asia, of which he was the main architect of, is recognizing and understanding China's rise and ensuring said rise is good for regional stability.

Issue 337
By staff reporters Wang Xiaolu and Qu Yanli
The next decade is a critical period for the securities industry, and may prove even more challenging than the comprehensive "rectification" of brokers a decade ago.
By staff reporters Weng Shiyou and Hu Weijia
Officials and experts have reached a consensus that the government should loosen FDI approval and administrative governance, except in cases in which FDI might result in a monopoly or threaten industrial security.
By staff reporter Zhang Youyi and intern reporter Gong Huilanzi
Without standardized methods for diagnosis, cases of involuntary treatment for mental illness, forced hospitalization, and incidents in which people have been wrongly institutionalized have become commonplace.
By staff reporter Zhu Yue
The situation of multiple technologies in use which characterized second-generation nuclear power development in China is about to be repeated in the third-generation nuclear power era.

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