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Chinese Investment to the U.S. Speeds Up

Chinese officials share the same view as the majority of market institutions: the United States will be the main destination of Chinese outbound direct investment.

With accelerating investment in the United States already a consensus among the Chinese business community, attention has now turned to specific areas for investment. To some extent, infrastructure projects can provide China with a more practical breakthrough point to increase investment in the United States. Not only is infrastructure construction China's specialty, these types of projects also meet U.S. demand for capital and infrastructure upgrades.

Issue 341
By Zhou Ruijin, former Vice Editor-in-chief of the People's Daily
Struggles among different interest groups now are even more prominent than the ideological battles waged in China three decades ago.
By staff intern reporter Wang Lina
Xu's case once again exposed the multiple problems that arise with excessive administrative power, including overly-close ties between business and government and lack of effective supervision.
By staff reporters Dong Yuxiao, Qu Yanli, and You Xi
Historically, China's banking regulator has resolved these types of issues through administrative intervention. The question this time is should Hua Xia Bank be held responsible for investors' losses?
By staff reporters Weng Shiyou and Chen Yan
Weak external demand and local governments' strong impulse to invest will pose new challenges to China's economic prospects in the coming year.

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