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Original-brand Cars Struggle to Cope With Consumption Upgrade

Have domestic car companies come to terms with the challenges? How will they respond to new market conditions, and what is the outlook for these companies? To answer the questions, Caijing conducted a study of four leading private car companies, namely Chery, Geely, Great Wall Motors, which focuses on the niche market of SUVs and pick-up trucks, and BYD, which has made a name by building electric cars.

The study found the four companies are rising to the challenges by building up brand power, pursuing technological advantages, shifting to mid- and high-end products, and exploring overseas markets.

Issue 342
By the Cities and Small Towns Reform and Development Center Task Force, NDRC
Without fundamental changes in the employment situation, income growth, cost of living,and other factors, rapid population growth in Beijing will continue in the coming years.
By staff reporter Mo Li
The pilot program on cross-border RMB loans is seen as a breakthrough in capital account liberalization and will give a strong impetus to the internationalization of the RMB.
By staff reporter Gao Shengke
A balance between the economy and environment needs to be struck, which will depend on the will of government officials.
By reporter Xie Li
Waiting for the industry chain to mature and at the same time avoiding missing the window of opportunity for TD-LTE is a test for government authorities in China.

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